Device to copy garage door remote

Can anyone tell me a device that could copy my garage remote frequency and use it for opening the garage door?

I know that homey can do this, but homey is to far away from the garage.

I have internet connection on that garage.

It’s a simple 433mhz remote, it’s not a rolling code or anything like that.

Thank you.

If the remote is of any quality then it would roll a different code every time u push it. If not: buy a decent one.

The remote is of good quality.
I need is a device that works with homey that can do the same thing has the remote.
To replicate the function of the remote without me being there.

You can look at a Sonoff bridge flashed with Tasmota software
Maybe a Broadlink rm pro.
Both have homey apps

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Right, I have a sonoff bridge at home actually.
I’ll see if I can flash it with tasmota.
Thank you soo much for the help, that’s what I needed to know :ok_hand:

But I mean if u can copy the signal, anyone can copy it?

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Yes your right, but for that to happen a lot of conditions add to perfect for someone to copy without having access to the remote or the gate engine.
Also this is a parking lot with surveillance video, the first gate is just to give access to the parking lot, every garage then has it’s own gate that need to be open once again, this one I’ve already automated with a shelly 1 directly on the engine, because this one i own it.
The first one is for everyone one, so i can’t go there mess with the engine, that’s why i needed something to open from distance without the need of connect something directly on the engine.

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Be aware that range can become an issue with both wifi or 433Mhz signal strength

Wifi is good where I will place the sonoff bridge.

(If I can make it work, flash tasmota will be easy that i can do, just never set up a Mqtt broker, still have to study this one a littler bit more, but I believe I can handle it)

For the 433mhz signal i believe it will be enough, the sonoff bridge will be placed around 4 to 5 meters away from the engine i want to control, it has a concrete wall in between them do, but I believe it is possible, not soo much of a distance between them.

Can I copy a better remont with broadlink pro? I’d like to instal automatic gate and be able to control it via Homey, what is my best option?