Garage control by SomFy RTS

Hi everyone, is there anybody who had connect a remote control for garage opener, Pulsar RTS 2CH to your Homey? It’s an Wisinovski garagedoor and powered by SomFy. It is 433 MHz what I can see.image


Do you use a conexxoon or Tahoma Box which give you extra possibilities. You also can try the Somfy app and try to ad it as Remote(just trying a few of their remotes, probably one will work. Suc6

No, get it yesterday day and try to find out if it’s possible to connect it directly to the Homey.

And I have looked at the SomFy app but it didn’t get it work together. Explain more: I’ll get in to the Homey but it ain’t remote anything.

You could try this istall the right app

Add the device with the +

Choose the right device

Add the remote


Thanks, I’ve tried but I ain’t work. I even tried with the other solution remote the window blinds and don’t work. I’ll get them as an icon in the homey but no reactions when I try to rise or lower the garage door.

And you did try to pair the device, by pushing the pair button