Somfy RTS Garage Door Opener + Gate Opener

Hey there,
I’ve just received my Homey Pro yesterday and had no problems to connect my blinds via the Somfy RTS App. My problem is, that there is neither my Garage door (AXRoll RTS) nor my Gate opener (EXAVIA 500) mentioned as compatible products although they’re RTS too.
However, in the Somfy Tahooma Box App there’s at least the Gate Opener mentioned.

Do I have to buy that box in order to make it work or is there a cheaper solution?

What do I have in terms of options for the AXRoll RTS? Is there some Interface or Adapter I could install to make it work?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried adding them with the other devices that the RTS app has?

Not yet though, but I will have to use one of the blinds’ remotes for that. Those that control the Garage door and Gate atm do not have a “pair” button.

I will keep you updated once I tried it!

If you can’t add them using the RTS app then the only suggestion is to use the Somfy Connectivity kit with the Tahoma & Connexoon app.

it was just partially a solution. it worked for the gate opener but not for the garage

Does that mean you have got a connectivity kit or you used another remote with the RTS app?

I picked up the connectivity kit and the garage opener still doesn’t work but I will figure something out (probably installing a module fixes the problem)

Is the garage opener found by the connectivity kit?
Could it be too far away?