Universial RX-MULTI garage opener 433Mhz

Hi. Our garage is using a universial Remote Control unit called RX-MULTI (see Picture). Does anyone know if there is an app to install on Honey to control such a device? Thanks in advance!rx-multi

Afaik there is not yet an app for this receiver, but I think it could be possible to create an app depending also on the used remote sender.
Problem is most secure garage door openers use an rolling code against replay attacks.
So replaying the same signal over and over from Homey will not work in that case.
If the rolling code is known and programmed in the app Homey theoretically could be add as an additional remote if the receiver supports that.
Disabling the rolling code as maybe a possible option for this receiver will lower your security as anyone in the neighborhood can record the signal you send and replay it when they want your garage to be opened.

Thank you for answering. Much appreciated!

The dip switches indicates that the signal is NOT a rolling code, but fixed. Does that make it easier?

Regards, Harald

That makes it probably possible to create an app like the klikaanklikuit or many other 433 devices.

Isn’t it possible to add the remote like an KAKU (klikaanklikuit) remote?
I have added a 433Mhz remote as a KAKU AKCT-510.
I added 2 of those remotes because the remote i have has 4 buttons (A on/off and B on/off)
(AKCT-510 only has 2 buttons on/off)
You can try different KAKU remotes, maybe one works.

Admitted what i use is a cheap KAKU like powerswitch but it copied the button presses of the remote perfectly.
I also added my Byron doorbell as a KAKU doorbell (ACDB-7000C) because the byron app didn’t support my doorbell.

Universial RX-MULTI

  • mit vielen Handsender-Herstellern kompatibel
  • Rolling Code / Fix-Code per Dip-Schalter einstellbar
  • Frequenz: 433 bis 868 MHz
  • 2 Kanal

Technische Daten:

  • Modell: Trinal RX-Multi 433 - 868 MHz
  • Spannungsversorgung: AC/DC 12-24 V (Netzteil nicht enthalten)
  • Frequenz: 433 - 868 MHz Rolling-Code / Fix-Code
  • Kanäle: 2-Kanal (potentialfrei bis max. 0,5A 24V)
  • Größe: 57x47x20mm

Seems to be able to learn all types of freqencies and (rolling) codes, so you can use an existing App from Homey and learn that to this device.