Limit switch help

Hi. I have a zconnect garage door opener (which is working). I have just installed a reed switch (limit switch) and have no idea where or how to implement it to Homey. I tried google but don’t get anything helpful.
Anyone able to point me in the right direction please?

U need to be more specific. Model of devices? Zwave? Idea of Implementatio…Etc

I think there is only one.

It is z-wave.

The device allows for a limit switch to determine open and closed. I have connected a limit switch as i mentioned, and now i have no idea what i am supposed to do. I expected the software to add in a device for it that i could program. But it has not.

Dont think its supported for now in Homey. U need to do an new device request to athom. Or make the app ur self.

i dont think it will work by adding it as a general device, try, but i think its only standard genereric on/off switches that will work without a certain app/driver.