Smart Implant of garage door and automatic gates

I have installed two smart implant devices to control my automatic gates and my garage door. I have connected simple magnetic reed switches to the Smart Implant inputs to set the device input alarms so I can see if the door and gates are opened or closed.
The door and gates did require different parameter settings even though both operate from a short pulse on the outputs.

Garage Door and Automatic gates:
Parameter 20 and 21 set to 0 or 1 depending on whether you set up the switch on the inputs as NC or NO.
Go to a post by @Osorkon on separating Smart Implant inputs from outputs to see how you send raw parameters directly to the Smart Implant. If you don’t do this the door or gate opens as soon as it closes or vice versa.

Garage door:
Set parameter 156 to 1 for the Smart Implant to give a .1 sec pulse on the outputs when toggled.

Automatic gates:
Because of intricacies of the gate controller I don’t understand this required more investigation.
At first I thought there was a zwave range issue as the gate operated sometimes but not others. Eventually I determined that a .1 sec pulse must have been right on the cusp of operating the gates. After I set parameters 156/157 (I used both outputs, output one for full gates, output 2 for the pedestrian gate) 3 for a .3 sec pulse it worked fine.

Lastly I found that the gate would not fully close, it was about an inch short. I do not understand why but it looked as if the gate stopped operating after the reed switched closed, or a short time after. Again I can not explain why but setting parameters 150/151 fixed this issue. I had to set the value to 50 to get the gates to fully close.

I hope this helps someone. It has taken at least two weeks to get this working consistently. During that time I had times where I thought Homey was the issue, although it would help if Homey implemented the Control Protection class in order to easily separate the inputs from the outputs.

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Hello. Could you please help me.

I can not get mine to work.
I know there is connection between app, homey and implant.
Please se my pictures for more information


What device are you connecting the implant onto? Gate or Garage door?
Have you been able to add the smart implant device to Homey ok?
What is not working? If you press the manual button on the smart implant does the door or gate open shut?

Basically I need more info.


Thank you for the reply.

Its a garage door.

I don’t know exactly, i don’t have any temperature for instance, but if you see in the picture the gate moves if i invert it. So i think there is connection but wrongly settings.

The little i tried it did nothing when i pushed the button on the implant. Only when i inverted what i show in picture.

I have attached my settings below. I am assuming that to operate the garage door opener you have to momentarily close the contact for about 0.3 of a sec. You will see that mine is set to 0.2 secs.

Yes, as you can see mine is also to? If i get it right.

Did you do nothing else?

I see you have the advanced parameter set to 20,1,2. It should be 20,1,0. Set them the same as mine. And in the same order.

I readded it and somehow it worked without any parameters change. So i don’t think it was properly installed the last time.

All i know need is how to make the button a push button. Now i need to press the button 4 times to make the gate move down and up.

Any ideas?

No one?

I don’t have a Smart Implant, but if you want to use the Smart Implant as a gate opener, you must change 20, 156, 21 and 157 according to the manual.

So this is not a tip based on personal experience but only an advice.

Also, openers are often sensitive to the length of the time the contact is closed. Try changing parameter 156 to 3 to close the contacts for 0.3sec. This solved a problem for me when my gates were operating inconsistently.

It would help us helping you if you could better describe your install, and better describe your setup to operate your door.

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Thank you for your answer. I was gonna test the parameters as peter bittner suggested and now you. But i didn’t wanna mess with it since its working now, put aside that i don’t get the " push once" to work.

Hello and thanks again for your reply.
. I don’t know exactly what i can write to help you, to help me, but its connected to and on a hormann gateopener, on output 1.
Its working now, but i have to go into the implant on device page, go overseas to the power button and press it 4 times for it to open and close again… Would be nice to only touch the implant icon on device page

But this could be exactly the problem that @Peter_Bittner describes. Maybe the impulse is too short.

Now my interests are also raised to make the garage door smart. :wink:

@Peter_Bittner, could you give some more information about the magnetic reed switches, e.g. a link? And how you connected them (maybe a picture) and what settings you made at the Implant?
That would be really great.

Reed switches Security Alarm Reed Switch | Jaycar Electronics

To install the switches I simply wired then onto input 1 of the smart implant. But when you do this you have to seperate the inputs from the outputs. This is explained in the post referenced below. Have a read of this and then get back to me if you need more.

I also eventually managed to get the state of the input monitored by the Surveillance App which is another post under Heimdall. This one I think.

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Thank you very much for the information, I will have a look inside.

@DirkG and @Peter_Bittner

Thank you guys. Its working know, bit over truede the raw config before without sucsess. I suspect that ut was not properly the first time since i dont ser an temperature.

Is it possible that a sensor is not properly implemented?

Not sure, I have never utilised the temperature feature. I looked at mine and do have an internal temp reading. I’m assuming that you need a sensor connected to get an external temp, but don’t have any experience in doing that.

Now that will be correct sir. AND u need to add the Smart Implant to Homey AFTER attaching the temp sensor to the Smart implant.