Smart implant (as a gate controller) inputs

If you place a reed switch on the smart implants input (1 or 2) and this reed switch closes its contacts when the gate is open can you read the input alarm to determine if the gate is open or closed?


The problem seems to be that the inputs are connected to the output. This results in the door operating as soon as the contacts close on the reed switch. I just want to use the input alarm to tell if the door is opened or closed, not for it to operate the outputs.

Thats was not the question your asked on the first hand :grinning: but your absolutly correct about it

I am learning as I go. I find it amazing that this topic has not been effectively documented in plain English.

What I have found is that you need to set parameters 20 and 21 in their NC mode, so when the door or gate is closed the circuit to IN1 and IN2 is closed. This means you need to set 20 and 21 to 0. If you use the NO mode the door or gate stops operating as soon as the door or gate opens and the reed relay contacts close and re-operate the corresponding output.

I now have it working on one device. Although I have the two smart implants set up exactly the same one alarm input works and the other doesn’t . These Smart Implants are very clever little devices, but they are complex and finicky, and the logic involved can do your head in.

I have got it working. I swapped the SI from the garage door and the gates, and they kind of both worked. Still not sure why they started working. It is still a bit of a mystery to me. The SI seems to have a learning phase. When you first get it working, the door or gates open again as soon as the gate is closed and the contacts close on the input as the input is connected to the output. However, as I learnt, if you keep opening and closing them it eventually seems to learn what you are doing and they stop opening as soon as the contacts close. I have no idea why, or how better to explain it. The shed door was even weirder as it stopped part way through opening and closing in a very ad-hoc way until it settled down. At one point the shed door even opened bu itself a couple of times, but it hasn’t Done that again recently.

I have an update on this topic. It is still not fully resolved. I have just sent the info below to Athom Support.

The alarms are being set, however the inputs are still connected to the outputs so as soon as the gate closes, the contacts on the input close sending a pulse to the output thereby causing the gates to open again. This can be controlled to some extent to setting parameter 156/157 to the shortest time possible (e.g. 1). The problem with this is that

  1. The close/open situation still occurs at times, and

  2. Setting this parameter to .1 sec puts the gate controller on the cusp causing it to operate some times and not at others. This makes it look like a zwave range problem or a Homey problem, but if you increase the parameter value to 2 or 3 it will operate all the time. And then of course you can’t close the gate - back to 1. again.

I got a response back from Fibaro. Apparently on a Fibaro Home Center 2 or 3 there is a Control Protection Switch which sets a parameter which separates the input from the output which solves this problem. See attachments. I need to know how to set this parameter using Homey.

See posts by @Osorkon for the answer to this issue.