Help with Electric Strike and Fibaro smart implant

Hi guys,

I’m trying to install an electric strike on my gate and control it via homey and a smart. implant.

I’m not having much luck. I have a 12v dc power source for the smart implant and it is paired to Homey. I have a power supply going to the electric strike and the outputs on the smart implant are what either opens or closes the circuit (as I’m guessing the output on the implant does not pass through the power, it just opens/closes the circuit). This is my understanding of how it should work but I can’t get it to work. Has anyone done this before, if so what settings and wiring did you use?



I’m testing right now a Smart Implant from Fibaro and also for me the two Outputs are not working- This as far I can test using the schematic you reported.

What does not work?
The gate is not opened/closed when the push button is puhed?
The gate is not opened after command from Homey?
Does the gate open/close when you short-cut the two OUT1 connections?
How did you change the parameters?

Thanks for testing @Andrea_M

@JPe4619 I will get a multimeter today and test for continuity.

@JPe4619 the problem of the two outputs not closing occurs both using a switch for the inputs or driving the device from homey. Simply the two outputs remain open despite on the homey app these look activated.
I tested with a multimeter too.

Maybe the settings did not change properly? Are t hey in a menu or do you change them RAW.

Hi @JPe4619 I only know how to change them by going into the device through homey > device > advanced settings. I played around some more with a multimeter. Output 1 is dead. Output 2 works. It seems that I’m lucky in that at least 1 output works as advertised, @Andrea_M hd neither of his working.

Then this is probably a hardware defect, you better contact your supplier.

Hi @Jeremy_Scott. @Andrea_M, did either of you resolve this (new/another Smart Implant)?

I’ve just been trying to use a new Smart Implant in a similar fashion and don’t seem to be able to trigger either of the outputs to become live at all.

I’ve been trying to test with a momentary switch and a simple LED across the outputs. Whether the switch is pushed or activated via Homey, the LED doesn’t come on in either polarity and a multimeter shows no voltage.

(In advanced settings I have:
Type : Push button
Output mode: Normally open
Raw: 20,1,2;154,1,0;21,1,2;155,1,0

I have virtual switches operated by flows that turn Smart Implant outputs on and off, and a mobile notification for each, showing communication seems to be OK. Not sure how else to diagnose)

There is no voltage, it is a contact as output, use an Ohm-meter to see if the contact is closing


Thanks yes, I suppose it’s entirely possible that I’ve misunderstood what this thing is for. I thought I was testing for continuity across the each pair of output terminals, assuming it could work with a switch like this"


…wired based on this part of the manual:


…a bit like this:

…so I was expecting OUT1 to complete the circuit with the bulb.

But I’m sure you’re right, I should simply have simply got the multimeter to test across the 2 terminals of OUT1.

Either way, it doesn’t seem to be closing across either pair.

OK - just to close the loop here - I returned the defective and got another Smart Implant, which does close both pair of output terminals. Anybody trying something similar with the switches above may wish to note the wiring diagrams appear to be incorrect: yellow and Green are reversed. I have currently have it set-up for a controlling irrigation, with the circuits for 2 solenoid valves and the switch LEDs passing through the outputs 1 and 2. The Smart Implant, solenoid valves and LEDs for the switches are powered from a 12V power supply. I have a virtual switch and 3 Flows for each valve, (one to open, one to close, and one to toggle)