What device should I use to control my magnetic door lock

Hi all,

I have a magnetic door lock that I would like to make smart.
The way the lock works: on power -> magnet works, no power -> magnet release.
What z-wave/zigbee device can I install to cut the power between the battery and the lock as you can see in the picture below (marked in red):
Magnetic lock diagram

Thanks in advance for the advice.

FYI, my end goal: Give unlock command to Google via watch -> send unlock command via IFTTT to Homey -> start flow to unlock device ???


Z-Wave: http://www.popp.eu/products/actuators/strike-lock-control/
WiFi: https://shelly.cloud/shelly1-open-source/

Both devices accept 12VDC to run.

Thanks for the quick reply Robert.

Can you also tell me the difference between the Popp Strike Lock and the Fibaro Smart Implant?
Because there is a big difference in price: €60,0 vs €45,0

The status of OUT1 will be controlled by a flow in Homey.

Smart implant also looks like a good candidate :+1:t2:Although its outputs are potential free, so it doesn’t pass the input power to the outputs from what I can see in the manual.

Which means the schematic will look something like this:

That is great news Robert, another 15 euros that I can spend on other smart devices :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I see a potential problem with the output currents of the Smart Implant. Documentation says max 150mA, while the magnetic lock needs 500mA. I’m afraid that the lock will not work if he doesn’t get the correct amount of current.
What do you think?

Ah yeah that might be a problem. The issue won’t be the lock not getting the correct amount of current, the issue will be that the implant will have to handle the full 500mA, which could cause its relay (or whatever it uses to switch) to burn out. You could add an additional stage with a bulkier relay that can handle the 500mA (and which would be switched by the implant).

That extra relay will also come with a cost, so this brings the Popp Strike Lock back in the picture.
I went through the documentation but couldn’t find a statement about the max current output.
Any idea?

The PDF manual states that the strike lock uses 500mA, just like yours:

Ok, the term “Operating current” was not clear for me.

So the Popp Strike Lock it will be.

Many thanks for the help Robert!