DIY Smart lock with electro magnet

Hi All

I have been thinking with a friend of mine about making a smart lock using electro magnet.

Then I want to add a sigbee / zwave switchy and I guess an adapter in a socket?

Does anyone have some experience with these kind of projects?

What do I have to pay attention to? What switch is good (and volt / ampere wise )


take in mind your door will be unlocked with any power outages.
also concider an emergy open procedure for when homey is offline for whatever reason.

i use this particular locks because it also provides feedback (locks when the door is closed, alarms when its open for too long)
and i provided a keyswitch for emergency opening it.


How do you connect homey to it? What adapter to do you use?..and what do you mean with a key switch? As in a button?

My 2 cents are: integrate the lock with HomeyDuino using a NodeMCU ESP8266 as demonstrated with a doorbell here: HomeyDuino @V2.0 NodeMCU ESP8266 Smart doorbell succesfully working

Hmm. How would you? As in. What does the duino add? :slight_smile:

Hi Victor,

By adding the esp8266 or nodemcu you get Homey integration via wifi enabling you to be notified when the lock is used, locked or unlocked. And even to lock or unlock remotely.

I have ordered this lock and my idea is to add it as second lock when somebody is at home and going to sleep homey will close it and when somebody want to leave home pir at the front door will trigger homey to unlock it.

I think to add esp8266 to it.

Nice part of this lock is that it not accessible from outside

It has also backup battery

And in case of emergency is possible to unlock it manually

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