Smart Door Handle

Hi All,

Is there someone who can tell me if there is a smart door handle, like one on the photo’s wich can communicate with Homey. On this moment ill have a Nuki for the front door. But as i got a webshop, a lot of people come over to pick up. Sometimes ill need to go upstairs. Cause of that reason i want to have a door handle like the photo so the people can not walk trough the living room.

Maybe there is a possibility to do it with zwave or zigbee? But im pretty new to this protocols so i really dont know if you get the futures that i want to have.

You can check in the store
Sometimes the protocol used is mentioned. Or you can ask the developer.

Screenshot from 2023-07-06 02-19-35

Thanks, i had checked this one already. The point with those locks is that they are mostly use for outside. So the lock will reconize that your at comming home and opens the door.

In my case im looking a lock thats is for inside using. So i can protect my private house from the part where visiters of our shop comming.

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YW, Jesper.

I didn’t check the details, I think you can configure it when it should open automatically or by pushing a physical button in addition (to prevent unwanted unlocking). That way it should stay locked if you don’t touch it.
I also have seen locks with (optional) keypads or fingerprint sensors, but not sure if they are among the Homey supported locks.

The one you show does not have any communication possibilities, but is it can work in-depended with fingerprint recognizing.

this is a version that has also communation possibilities. (not sure if it’s Homey compatible)

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