Anybody noticed this new smart lock https://www.loqed.com/nl/ ?
It solves the issue I saw with every smart-lock so far, you need to open the lock with your phone or key. In this case it recognizes your phone on the outside and you can push to open. Just like a Tesla does basically.
I am interested and it would be nice to connect the lock to Homey if anybody can link the api.

That I like, thanks for sharing. I wonder where it fits 8xAA batteries, or maybe they supply some spares.

I am actually a beta user for this lock and have it installed at my home.
There is currently no API available. that doesnt take away the fun however

i hope when the lock becomes publicly available, so will an API.

-there was a non-official API however that never seemed to work…

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First smart doorlock that I am interested in. Any thoughts/ findings you want to share with us Stefan?

Yes i saw the announcement, looks promising! Hope an local communication with the bridge would come available. An API is a good start off course

That is exactly how Nuki works. It recognizes the Bluetooth on your phone, unlocks the door and opens it (if you specify that in the settings) so you can push it open.

Nuki already has been tested by a lot of people and they even made a v2.0 already. The normal price including bridge is the same as the early bird price with Loqed. You don’t have to replace the cilinder (but I do recommend you get a “hotel cilinder”, so you can still open the door from the outside if the lock will ever jam or if the batteries run out). From the outside, you don’t see that a smart lock is placed, which gives me a more safe feeling.
And there already is an excellent app for Homey.

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You mention one extremely important thing;
The “hotel cilinder”. I do not have this and replacing it with one would require a new (additional) key. Right now I have one key that rules them all (garage, back door and front door. I do not want to give up this perk which would mean replacing all locks…). I also like the fact that there is no key entry anymore at all with Loqed because this is how burglars usually enter, through a keyhole exploit…

And yet, it works 95% of the time only for me. I even got the Nuki keypad to keep my family happy and not relying on a phone every time. The keypad, same story, it works 9 out of 10.
It might be me… yet, I believe Nuki is best you can get there so far as price/easy to install/security/etc

I am sure you are referring at the one created by @Phuturist :grinning: and not the buggy Athom one which relies on internet connection and Nuki cloud. Then indeed, an excellent app!

Sorry, this topic was about Loqed and not Nuki.

For me Nuki never really got to the easeness of Loqed.
With Nuki you have to place a keypad or use your phone to unlock the door.

My front door has no bar on the outside.so its not a question of locking and unlocking the door. but also opening!

to unlock it, now i only have to tap the outdoor part of loqed and the door swings open. Loqed is the one product really functional on these kind of ‘dutch’ doors.

You have to carry your phone with you, but don’t have to use it. Being near the door after leaving will auto unlock it.
I also don’t have a bar, but use Nuki to complete unlatch the door so I can push it open from the outside. Works like a charm.

so it all ends up being a personal choice then :wink:

Loqed wont unlatch untill i touch it.
Nuki does, but your door remains closed anyway.

i think both smart locks has there own benefits.
Have to say that i’m a user of Nuki. But i disabled as much as possible in the Nuki app and let Homey open the door.
So i get a message from Homey on my smartwatch that asks “open the front door”, if i reply with yes the door opens almost instantly, if i answer no, than it remains shut.
The thing i stumbled upon with Nuki is when i entered our home trough the back door, it opens the front door when it found my phone by bluetooth. I fixed this by letting Homey decied to open.

But have to say Loqed seems really interesting.

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Yeah that would be a potential dangerous situation. I live in an appartment with just one entrance door, so that problem doesn’t exist for me.

That’s exactly why I like Loqued. It has this one bit of functionality I missed in the available options like Nuki.
I will follow Loqed the coming period to see how it evolves and how early adopters like it.


Loqed has a homey app now, what are the experiences of users here?

They haven’t shipped that many units yet, so might be a while before we hear from a user. I’m awaiting a shipping confirmation for my lock, should be either next week or end of November.

Same here. Waiting for shipment


Wich smartwatches have this functionality, wear os ones and apple?

Cause i have a Huawei Watch GT and i get the notification on my phone asking me if i want to open the door, has i have set it, but on my smartwatch only get the message, not the option to answer that question, so it certainly does not support this kind of feature.

I’ve installed my Loqed lock on the front door this morning. First impression is good. Solid construction, the installation docs are of acceptable quality, but not yet perfect. I did uninstall it in order to lubricate the existing mechanism, to make it operate a bit smoother. Will keep you informed.

Still satisfied with Loqed? I also have one but not installed yet because my door needs to be fixed first.
Some installation tips perhaps? :slight_smile: