[APP] LOQED - Your personal doorman


Unlock the full potential of your door

Effortless access without old-fashioned keys. Easy and secure.

Touch Smart Lock

The only lock that opens your door with a single touch

Dutch design. Built to last.

Effortless access

Opening your door has never been easier, even with your hands full. You only need to have your phone in your pocket. Using Bluetooth the lock knows you’re near.

Hand out keys with confidence

Send digital keys to friends, family and the housekeeper. You can take them back whenever you want.

Stay in the know

Get notified when your children have arrived home safe and know Bello has had his walk.

Smarter than ever before

  • Unlock your door with a simple touch
  • Open and lock the door wherever you are
  • Code access
  • Send digital keys to friends and family
  • Allow guests without the app to open the door with just a link
  • Jump start connector in case the lock ran out of battery
  • Automatically lock or unlock at a set time
  • Set time schedules for housekeeping and guests*
  • Voice control with e.g. Google Home and Alexa
  • Check if the door is locked in the app
  • Hardened steel drill protection & robust stainless steel design
  • Get notified when the door is opened

What if Homey cannot set Twist Assist or Guest Access Mode correctly?

It turnes out that some users have old Keys enabled from a previous OAuth version.
These old API Keys need to be removed by the user.

Because of security reasons, only the owner can remove those.

If your Settings (through Homey App), like Twists assist or Guest Access Mode (Touwtje) cannot be set through the Homey app, please follow these steps:

  • Goto https://app.loqed.com/
  • Login.
  • Goto API.
  • Scroll down to the API Keys section.
  • Delete all API Keys for all locks (named Homey).
  • Goto a/one Lock in the Homey App and press Repair.

After this, all locks (and there settings) should work!

If you still experience issues, please let me know!

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How will this app be different from the official one currently in the app store?

EDIT: or is this a forum thread for the existing app?

Indeed, i have taken over development for LOQED and a new version 3 will be coming soon in test.
The LOQED app now has been rewriten for OAuth and a better UX (not yet in test).


New in test:

LOQED Version 3.3.1

The app has been updated.
You can now add a device through OAuth.
With, that, the next properties are added, for which there are also flowcards available:

  • Open House Mode
  • Twist Assist
  • Touch to Connect

Please note, that currently, the properties are updated every 5 minutes, and not (yet) when you change a setting through the LOQED (mobile) app. This is on the todo list though!

These properties can either be displayed as a (functional) button, or on the sensor device tab.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know.

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@Glenn_Dijkstra here it is Glenn!

Ohh perfect! Awesome, thank you so much! I have it installed and wrote a little advertisement with credits to you on Facebook. Thanks!

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Thank you for this new app!
My frontdoor doesn’t want to switch between ‘‘Touch to Connect’’, ‘‘Twist assist’’ or ‘‘Touwtje uit de brievenbus’’ when i make a change in de Homey app, and switch back after a some time.
My backdoor switch immediately all settings.
Both locks have the same software version, and i already reconnect the lock and repair it in the Homey.
Do you have any idea what it can be?

I have a Homey’23 with version 10.1.4-rc.3 and use the Loqed Experimental app version 3.3.1

I made a report:

Best regards,
Renze Brink

Did you repair it, or removed and paired it again?

When the app was updated 2 days ago i removed the locks as mention in the timeline.
Today i did a repair in the app and ptp the bridge.

If you change a setting in the LOQED app, does it change in the homey app after 5 minutes?

Yes it does.

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I’ve aleady reported 2 something 2 weeks ago.

And are the suggestions / comments from the original app-thread automaticly added on the ‘todo’ ?
I really hope they’re addressed before beiing forced to install the new app

Would you mind to remove the device that is not working, and pair it again?
Perhaps something wend wrong when adding both devices at once.

Where did you report this?

Which thread? Could you link it?
Because the previous app didn’t have a topic linked to it, afaik.

Over here ofcourse :wink:

When you search in the appstore, there’s one result

In there, there’s a link to the sourcecode.
And a v3.0 branch

The other topic … you even gave my post a heart

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk I sent you a pm a about a week ago.

I remove the lock from homey and add it again but unfortunately still the same issue.