Loqed 2FA issues?

Hi all,

Maybe i am getting ahead of myself here but better safe then sorry.

I just recieved this mail from Loqed, stating that they will introduce 2 factor authentication:

Dear Niel,

To further increase the security of your LOQED Touch Smart Lock, we will soon introduce two factor authentication. When you log in to the LOQED App, you will receive an email with a six-digit code. This code needs to be entered in the app to complete the login. This way we know for sure that it is you who wants to log in to your account.

In the coming weeks we will roll out this feature in phases through an update of the iPhone and Android apps. In most cases, your phone will automatically update the LOQED App and you don’t have to do anything. If you have disabled the automatic updating of all apps on your phone or specifically the LOQED App, we advise you to enable it again so that you receive the update in time. You can read [here] how to do this on your iPhone and [here] how to do this does on your Android phone. From November 1, it will no longer be possible to log in with the old apps.

As an Arlo Ultra owner, the news that Loqed is introducing 2FA has me screaming “NOOOO” because when it was introduced at Arlo it no longer enabled me to connect my system to Homey.

Thats why i am reaching out to the community: do you see any issues with Loqed using 2FA? Would this be a safe/dumb move?

Looking forward hearing to your ideas/thoughts.


It’s certainly a good move, from a security standpoint. Loqed is in the business of providing secure devices, not providing devices that work well with Homey.

Since the Homey app is developed by Loqed themselves (according to the app page), I assume that they will find a way to make it work with Homey.

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