Smart locks

I’m thinking about getting a smart lock, but I saw that all the devices that works with Homey, only opens the door automatically by connecting with bleutooth on my smart phone.
Is it possible to use a flow in Homey, so that when I’m near my house, the door opens automatically without using bleutooth?
I also have such a flow for my lamps, that when I come home and I’m in range of my Wifi the lights switch on, but I want to be sure that something like this is also possible for a smart lock.


Try the Danalock (Z-wave) or the Nuki (Zigbee).
But you have the get a very reliable geofencing method in order to make it work safely without Bluetooth

Got Nuki-App on Homey, NukiLock(s) with Nuki-Bridge(s) so that a NukiLock can be Opend/Closed with Flows. Works :-).

Same as @CyberSponk !

And Nuki should work soon without the bridge as Nuki 2.0 hardware has a Zigbee chip on board (not yet activated due to firmware)

With this app, you can make a virtual device. Which you can use to start a flow in the homey app.

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I have the same issue and this work around fixed it

  1. Go to Security & Fingerprint

  2. Open Trust agents

  3. Disable Smart Lock(Google)

  4. Reboot your device

  5. Enable Smart Lock.

This is just a work around and not a permanent fix and on my device it worked for close to 1 week and now its blank again post the sep securitry update . I use the August Smart Locks. Have upgraded a few from 2nd generation to 3rd with Door Sense so that I can turn off nest heat/air conditioning if the door is open too long. I use them with the connect hub for remote access.