NukiLock users : Do I need the Nukibridge or not?

It’s really unclear to me if I need to purchase the combo Locks + bridge of Nuki if I plan to control the locks 100% from the Homey.

It seems that the bridge is only there to alow remote control of the locks thu local wifi and then the internet box.

Am I correct to think that my NukiLocks can interact with Homey thru Z-Wave, so the remote control when outside the house is provided by Homey including lock/unlock/new code settings if I use the pad,…
Or… I need the bridge ?

Thanks for your help

You need the Nuki-Bridge to get it work with Athom-Nuki-App.

I’m not a Nuki user, but I did read!

Yes, i use Nuki myself.
But you need the bridge.

By the way, i build a simple but nice flow for Nuki to stop the frontdoor from opening if you enter the house from the back.
This is based on presence detection.
If you like it, i can share this flow.

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With pleasure

I did too, but the locks are supposed to be ZWave compatible, so basically the locks are supposed to be handled directly from a zwave smart box, so Homey, thanks for your attention to my post !

Its is in Dutch, but as said its very simple. I will translate it.

We use the app “Smart Presence” as a presence detection, this is based on Wifi and a fixed ip adres in your router.
So, when my phone connects to our wifi, Homey knows i’m home. In our example, i allready have a wifi connection 6mtr from my front door. (mesh network)

So, in the card AND i let Homey send a push message to my cellphone with the question “Open the door?”
I can answer this either Yes or No.

Offcourse you can guess the THEN card, when i answer yes, the door wil open, with no, i remains shut.
These message i also recieve on my smartwatch, so i dont need my phone.

In this case, if we enter our home true the door in the back, i only have to swipe the message away, en nothing happens. The door remains shut.

I also use this if we leave our house. After a couple of sec (40) than the door will lock it self when nobody is in.

I hope i made it clear like this. If not, let me know.

Many thanks PAtrick,
I’ve just unpacked the homey and I’m just ordering few stuff to test so I will implement few flow including yours soon.
Thanks again

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your welcome.

Do I need two bridges to control Nuki on the front and garden doors? Seems like overkill but there about 30 meters between the doors

Yes, than you need two.
The Bridge and the lock it self communicate with bluetooth.
You can get 5 till 10 meter off range.

In your case, two bridges are needed.

Hi Patrick.
I’m a little noob on this, I’ve just ordered a nuki lock, i would like to have this same notification on my phone asking me if I want to open the door, what i can not understand is how can I accomplish this?
I imagine i have to use variables? :thinking:
If you could give me a guidance i would appreciate.
Thank you

I found it, it’s in the “and” part of the flow, it’s pretty Simple actually, just me that didn’t know about this.
Anyway thank you!