Nuki V2.0 support


Nuki has just released a new version of their lock with an additional doorsensor. With this sensor you can see if the door is open or closed. Will the app be updated so the state of the doorsensor is visible and can be used as a trigger or as a condition?

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I am soon investigating the API to see if I can catch the state of the doorsensor. Then I will integrate it.

It might take until the last week of december before I have time to do this.

I also still need to make the Nuki app for Homey SDKv2-ready, make it easier since I can now get the token in the background by making you press the button on the lock, and will investigate if I can make it work with the Web API so I can detect who opened the door.

A lot of work to do, little time, but rest assured that I am going to look into this!


I submittted a feature request to add the user to the HTTP bridge api. In this topic someone suggested a method to retrieve the user through the web api. I think it would be a good read for you for when you start working on this. See the topic below.

Great to hear you will try to add it! Very happy with that.

hello, yesterday I installed the Nuki and it works great. Now I would like to add the Nuki to Homey, but I do not know exactly how I get the data. IP and port 8081 (8080 is already occupied) but how do I get the token? tried to fill in the API here but then got the message 403 and 503. ps door sensor was not in my box vd doorlock and of bridge. also did not find the Homekit configuratie code Thanks for the responses.



Homekit configuratie not found because uh :frowning: get the Nuki instead of 2.0 (return to Coolblue and order 2.0)

I think the Nuki app has changed and it is no longer possible to enable the API from the app anymore, and therefor you cannot get the token anymore.

There are some tricks though, I will soon update the pairing process in the Homey Nuki app to match this:

  1. Go to from within the same network to see a list of bridges and their IP-addresses.
  2. In your browser, go to the IP and port listed, and add /auth for example:
  3. Within 30 seconds, press the button on your bridge.
  4. The webpage in your browser will now show the token
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Installed 2.0 tonight, works great with the app. Thnx!

Does it still work with lock/unlock triggering? Haven’t had the chance yet to test that.

Jep, stil works, had to re-add the new lock (of course)

Have been using the V2 lock for about two weeks here and all works as expected. It’s not so strange though since the bridge that does the communication between Homey and the lock has not changed.

Good to hear. They should update the Bridge so the doorsensor data is included as well… but I read their forum and there are is no set date yet for an update…

I have received my new Nuki V2.0 doorlock including the Bridge. I have the lock connected to the app and also the Bridge is included. I can use the webpage to open the lock. However, I cannot connect using Homey (v1.5.13, not v2.0 RC2). When filling in the IP address, port number and token, I get this as reply: “No devices found”.

Any suggestions where I am doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.

When im away, i can still see the door status in the app. So the bridge must pass this information on then, right?

Today the new NUKI App for Homey was released.
It mentions that the bridge is still required.
However - Nuki Hardware 2.0 supports ZigBee which is about to be unlocked (funny word in this context!) at the beginning of this year.

I’d like to think that the necessity of having the bridge will be obsolete then, as Homey could act as the bridge.

I am using the new Nuki app from Athom for Homey together with 2 Nuki locks v2.0. In the Nuki app on my iPhone 6s I can see that both doors are closed using the magnets delivered with locks. When I look in the Homey app, I see that both doors are open. When I open a door, nothing in the Homey app changes, the door remains opened. When I close the door, in the Homey app nothing happens, the door still seems to be opened.

Anybody has the same experience?

Yes. The Contact-Detection in Homey seems not working. The latest Beta 1.0.3 also didn’t solve this. Reported this Issue to Athom Support.

am i the only one who gets “please re-athorize” every two days?


Haven’t had that once yet.

I need to add to myself:

Version 1.0 of Nuki, which meanwhile might be in my hands since 4 yrs or more, works without bridge with homey as well pretty fine.

Me too, don’t have had this. If you’re using a Bridge > Has your Bridge a fix Ip?