Nuki nuki nuki


Today i moved my old nuki 2.0 to the shed and i added a new nuki 3.0 as front door.

I had the original nuki app and i managed to add the device. But the device doesnt respond.

I also have the nuki direct and the only device i can add is the shed, which has a poor connection since its not in range of the bridge. So why nuki direct only shows that device.

There was a moment i had the front door in nuki direct. But i cant reproduce.

What is the process here?

I already ordered a new bridge, so i can control both devices.

I tried reinstalling apps, rebooting a homey…

My old one used to work with homey but i cant manage it to work?

Is it that the new nuki is connected with an older bridge?

Hi, i have different issue, two nuki locks 2.0 + bridge, all fine, BUT, when i create flow, normal or advanced, Time is 23:00 lock both nukis, just does not lock, never ever, when i test the flow, they both locks! What the hell?

What about adding a timeline notification to that flow. Then you can find out if the 23:00 trigger really triggers at 23:00.
Homey can have odd time issues

And show your flow pls, otherwise it’s quite hard to find any issue.

Hi, that flow cant be made more simple :slight_smile:

I will add two notifications and see if that works

Seems to be issue with homey time… because, i set time 09:55 (now) and it locked both locks…
Will try again 23:00 and will see

I understand, I asked, because people don’t always sketch the whole picture (nothing personal :blush:)
A screenshot just tells it all.

So, it triggered the flow at the right time.

Let me know if the push messages were sent @23:00h.

Oh, this can’t hurt to try:
To reset Homey’s time, move the location map to another timezone. After a minute or so, move the map back to have the pointer at your location again.

Well…it sent both messages, Trying to lock, and locked, but Nuki did nothing…weird…

OK, that’s odd, while it works when you manually test the flow.
Does the app provide for some logging?
Otherwise you’d contact the developer →
Support info can be found at the bottom of the app store app pages.