Nuki lock in app updates with delay of 10 minutes

I have some Nuki Locks at my outdoor company.

Because we have a lot of different staff members our staff opens the Nuki lock with the Nuki app, so the staff members do not need to have the Homey app. And i can use the features of the Nuki app.

I have a few flows that start to run when the lock opens or closes.

There is a big delay (sometimes up to 10 minutes) before homey notice the lock change.
I have version 2.2.0, that says it has no polling anymore.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem.
I also find the app Nuki Direct, but i can’t install it.

After update to v2.2.0, did you re-login to the Nuki account as it is written in the support email?

Before this works, you need to log in again. Don’t worry, your Flows will keep working.
Simply long-press your Nuki device in the Homey app → Tap the Gear-icon in the top-right corner → Maintenance → Try to Repair. Then log-in with your Nuki account and you’re done.
Luckily, if you have multiple Nuki devices, you only need to do this once.

I did not re-login, I didn’t find that option. I did it and it works.
Homey changes the status directly now!

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and help