Nuki Keypad

Hello !

I’m using a Nuki Doorlock ! It works great with Homey.

Nuki has now a keypad. Is it planned to add it to Homey app ?
Would be so great to manage different codes directly through Homey and use this keypad as a device.


I already use the keypad. Codes are registered as regular “users”. Currently the bridge does not have access to user management or even the information which user/pincode has opened the door. Therefor it’s not really possible to add any kind of support.

I have submitted a feature request on the Nuki developer support forum to give the bridge access to this information but according to Nuki it’s a big change. But if it gets enough votes they might implement it. So feel free to register and vote for this request in the link below.

Here is some more background info.

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Good to ear ! Thank you for your work @Phuturist

For sure i’ve voted !

How many votes do we need to change their mind ? I’ll ask friends to upvote :slight_smile:

You would at least need to outvote the other feature requests. I believe the highest scoring request is now around 13 votes.

Hello :slight_smile: In the meantime, is there a way to include the keypad 2.0 in the homey? The fingerprint function is great, it would be nice to have the information in homey who just unlocked the door.