Access to my apartment with Homey, Danalock and

Hello :grinning:

I’m renting my apartment. I want to use my Homey as the heart the system I want to manage through my phone ! When I rent my apartment via AirBnb I want to give only one app to use (or none) to the tenant to enter in. I have some questions :sweat_smile:

  1. I have an intercom to open the residence’s main door. I’ve done some research and I found “Nello” (Link to the website. Nello can transform a “normal” intercom into a Smart Intercom ! I think is nice but I don’t see any app in the Homey App Store for it.
  • Is there any of you who try it ?
  • Have you another solution for me ?
  1. I want to use a smartlock for my apartment door.
  • Danalock V3 or Nuki ?
  1. I want to use a Keypad to unlock and lock this smartlock.
  • Which keypad is the best tu use with Homey ?
  • Is it possible to create like “small period password” ?

You understand I’m a little bit lost to find the perfect solution to manage the renting of my apartment…


btw I LOVE MY HOMEY !!! :heart_eyes:

Seen this on Nuki-Homepage for AirBnb > or/and

Thank you cybersponk but I’ve already saw this solution and it’s Not the perfect one for me.

I know Danalock is coming bringing out a keypad soon, wich works with the danalock V3. ( Link to Danapad product page ) You can give out temporary codes to tenants, wich expire automaticly or only work during specific hours (if you want to promote coming in early so neighbours don’t experience their noise)

The Danalock doesn’t combine with a intercom as far as i believe, but i know several intercoms or smart doorbells work with Homey. ( Link to Homey Appstore search for doorbell ). I’m personally trying out the Ring doorbell 2 and so far it works great. I 'll be trying out the Danalock and Danapad as soon as my wife lets me.

There is also new a Keypad for Nuki. Nuki seems the better Solution this Time if you would have a SmartLock with Keypad.

I’ve just bought a Nuki Smarlock I’ll keep you touch when Nuki keypad will be available :smile:

Thanks for answers !


Dear Homey users,
Please would you have any feedback Or update regarding a working solution for a smooth keypad integration with Homey ?
Zipato is not sold/supported anymore
Popp keypad doesn’t seems to work smoothly, doesn’t allow identifying users in homey and requires a fibaro indirect integration
Any positive experience ideally the specs would be direct integration with homey, keyboard for Heimdall control in its two modes and user recognition via rfid (only as “nice to have” but being not mandatory) ?
All inputs very welcome :wink:
Many thanks

Hello @Arvlux

I’ve tried Zipato but now I’m using Nuki Lock (and Nuki Bridge) with Nuki Keypad and it works verry well ! At this time, it’s not possible to add the keypad as a device in Homey but it’s not a problem for me, I control it from the Nuki app.

Thank you Julien, but I understand the Nuki keypad is good to control the smartlock device and not to activate/inactivate the Homey Heimdall surveillance modes which is my use case, Zipato seems a good option but because it is not sold anymore I am looking for an alternative keypad solution integrated with Homey …