Danalock / ultion smart lock


Was looking into the following smart lock - Ultion Smart – Ultion Lock
I believe this is based on the danalock and understanding this should work with the homey.
However, I believe there are multiple versions i.e. homekit, bluetooth+zigbee and bluetooth+zwave etc.

Can someone advise which of these versions works best with the homey?
I assume the best version is the bluetooth+zwave and works with the danalock homey app?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I am working with that version and it works perfectly.

Thanks for confirming.
I assume you don’t have any reliability issues with this smart lock?
Also what is the battery life like on this smart lock? I saw some older reports on issues with battery etc.

Haven’t bought this device myself but was thinking about it.

I am working with it for a few years. The only thing i have to do is sometimes recalibrate.
Battery : About 6 Months (or more) with one set of batteries.

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Does it lose its calibration? and stop working?

No but it will not always show the right symbol (open or closed). It will work anyway. With connection with homey you can open the door anywhere in the world. Even if one of you kids lost the key.

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I have this lock and I’ve put it into manual firmware mode, but I don’t have the firmware file, and now I can’t get it out of this mode (even if I take the batteries out, or press the button 10 times as I have read).
Does anyone have the latest firmware file (0.17.15), or even the previous file (0.17.5)?
Or know how to get it out of this mode?

How to pear danalock v3 to the homey??
I try many times with press it once and near homey 1 cm But nothing happened! :woozy_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Keep trying - When stil will not work try a reset of the Danalock. That dit the trick for me!

Yea to sad that my is zigbee protocol and ther is no app for that :roll_eyes: