Auto unlock front door Nuki

My front door has a smart lock (Nuki).
The smart lock has a WIFI and blue tooth signal.
The Nuki lock is connected to Homey via the Nuki app in Homey.
Homey can also find the Bluetooth signal of the Nuki lock with the beacon app.

I want to make a flow what looks like this:

  1. The Nuki lock wakes up for a certain amount of time, but does not open the lock when I arrive home via the automatic presence functionality of Homey. (this is when I enter the circle of approx. 700 m from my home)
  2. The Nuki lock opens when my iPhone comes in Bluetooth reach of the Nuki lock AND the backdoor sensor did not open within the past 10 minutes (otherwise my front door opens when I enter my house via the back door) AND is within the awake time set in rule 1

Does someone know how I can make use of the “picking up the Nuki Bluetooth signal by my iPhone”, trigger in a flow?

By the way the auto-unlock functionality works perfect within the Nuki app itself, but unfortunately it also unlocks when I enter via the backdoor, therefore I want to add the extra rule ‘Do not open when my backdoor sensor went of the past 10 minutes’.

I also tried to use the trigger "When my iPhone connects to the WiFi’ as a trigger to open the front door. But the problem is that my phone connects to my router before I reach the backdoor. Therefore my front door opened when I used the backdoor.