Best smart lock homey. DiY or what?

Hi all,

So. Time for something new, a new research project.

What would be the best smart lock, do it yourself or a pre made one, for homey?

I’m probably going to create more type of these topics but for now this one is what is on my mind.


Nock urself out. But a little

On the forums will give u a lot of these topics alr.
U gonna get @RoyWissenburg here telling u to use the search option.

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To discuss, tips and how to build a smart lock yourself a new topic is not that bad :+1:

To discus whats the best lock that akready on the market and working with homey, there are indeed already several topics about.

So like @Rocodamelshekima already mentiond :rofl::rofl::rofl: use the search for that. And join the discossion in other topics about it.

I think, and i know there are people wich dont agree… 100 topica about the same isnt very handy to find answers for others.

About wich lock is the best!!! Its a personal thing. For example, it had first the danalock, great lock but homey implentation… you wil read that when reading other topics. Now using nuki also great lock. Homey implantation…(stil didnt connect it to homey) but 2 apps 1 athom 1 by the community differnce … read the forum.

Again a topic about building 1 yourself… intresting :+1:

Hahaha. Yeah. There is a lot too read in this hobby… Love it. :rofl:. Was hoping for a list or small conclusions or something. But thank you both @Rocodamelshekima @RoyWissenburg :slight_smile:

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So far, I have only had to deal with the tedee smart lock, but I can honestly recommend it. The app is super responsive and can integrate with many systems. Even the auto-unlock works very well - only once did it get lost.

It is pretty expensive, but this translates into quality. Plus, it’s small and looks great (the black version on a dark door).