Fibaro Smart Implant Garage Door setup

I am very new to this but I was hoping someone could help with the settings for opening/closing garage door and gate using Fibaro Smart Implant.

I have connected the device to Homey but am a little unsure how to set it to operate as impulse switch (ie complete the circuit momentarily) I wanted to use one channel for a garage door and the second for a gate.

Any help or tips much appreciated. Most of what I have read is people using with a reed switch for open/closed status. I don’t want to do this at this stage.

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,
please have a look at this thread. This should explain everything that is necessary, otherwise just ask.


Thank you @DirkG. I did read through this which was great help however when adding the settings (only did output 1 at this stage) 20,0,1;156,2,1 I got an alarm input 1.
I have tried resetting the device and re-adding (a few times) with the same result.
I am thinking now maybe my wiring is incorrect?

Solved: After reading this from @DirkG changed my settings to only configure parameter 156 ie 156,2,3 with parameter 20 set in the input configuration above managed to get the smart implant working! Thanks Dirk for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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