Migrating from Ezlo (Vera) to Homey Pro

I am very interested into buying a Homey Pro, but I have questions that I have not been able to answer by looking into your documentation, so I would love to get answers before invest on the device AND the time of migrating my existing implementation, I am a long time owner of VERA hub and now Ezlo secure hub and have MANY existing Z-Wave devices (Switches, door-locks, garage door opener, etc.). Questions:

• I have MANY Z-Wave switches from Go Control, WS15Z5-1: Z-Wave Wall Switch and WT00Z5-1: Z-Wave Smart 3-Way Switch/Dimmer, one feature I use extensively that the Ezlo hub supports directly on these switches is double and triple tap on the switches to launch different activities, does Homey Pro Z-Wave implementation support this?
• I have a Linear GD00Z-5 - Z-Wave Garage Door Opener, is it supported?
• I have a Schlage BE469NX Z-wave deadbolt, is it supported?
• I have a Philio PSP01/PSM02 sensor, is it supported?

Hi and welcome,
You can start by searching the app store for brands / device models. When there’s no app, or your device is not mentioned as supported, it probably won’t work

I don’t recognize any of the brands you mention though, but that can be just me :wink:
Homey has a very basic generic z-wave driver, it probably only operates lights on/off and smart plugs / relays on/off.

Thanks, yes I only found the doorlock and the sensors, but not the switches and if those wont work with double of triple tap, then it I have to figure out something else. Thanks a lot!!!

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FYI. There is no ability to program lock codes in Homey even if your lock may be supported.