Will Schlage Zwave Door Locks - BE469NX and FE599 work with Homey-pro-2023?

I’m considering moving from an older Z-Wave Controller to the Homey-Pro-2023 and trying to understand if my existing Schlage Zwave Door Locks (Models BE469NX and FE599) will work with Homey-Pro-2023. It does not look like there is a Schlage application for the Homey-Pro in the app store. I understand that I can register Zwave devices as a generic device in Homey-Pro-2023. Will the basic door lock functionality work without the Schlage application (I.e. lock, un-lock, mange pin codes)? If an app is needed, is Homey working with Schlage to create an application? (It looks like there are apps other lock manufactures like Yale). Thank you for your help!

The only basic z-wave Homey Pro (early 2023) can do is Basic on/off and dim level of a light class device.
A lock is not a basic device at all :upside_down_face:

Thus you’ll need an app to be able to manage (open/close) the lock (and with a lot of extra effort the pin codes).
If Schlage will create an app you’ll have to ask them, Athom usually only approaches brands that are used/requested a lot (if they would do all the brands they won’t do anything else besides that, they only have a pretty small team, far from the 100s), this is the first time i’m seeing Schlage come by on this forum, so not used a lot at all.
You could ask for an app by the community on the community app request topic, but I highly doubt an app will get created anytime soon unless a community developer has the lock themselves.

I have a Schlage lock and like you I moved from another platform to the Homey Pro 2023 last month. The lock worked great on the prior platform (since installation close to 10 years ago) but I haven’t found any community support for the Schlage lock yet.

Maybe with the HP23 launch in the US at the end of the month either Homey or Schlage will start to see enough demand to add support for the locks.

Thank you both for your feedback!
There are some Matter devices that I’m considering purchasing in the near future (6 mo - 1 year). Since I have a number of Z-wave devices I’m hoping that there will be a hub that will let me continue with my Z-wave investment while adding new matter devices. The Homey-pro-2023 does look very promising!
Fortunately most of my Z-wave devices (motion sensors, plugs, etc.) are from a manufacturer that does have a Homey-pro app. The few devices that don’t have an App are my Schlage locks (too expensive to replace) and a two garage door tilt sensors (which I don’t mind replacing).
I may keep my Schlage locks (and a few other devices) on my old hub and move the rest to Homey-pro-2023, but managing two hubs is not ideal.
I did submit a ticket with Schalge to see if they will consider creating a Homey-pro App.
We’ll see what happens!

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Hi RudolfT - Thank you for letting me know about the new Schlage App! This is great news!

I got my Homey Pro 2023 this past Friday and I’m now trying to move my Schlage Locks over.
I installed the Schlage App and un-paired the FE599 Schlage lock from my old hub/bridge before trying to pair with Homey Pro 2023.

In the add device process, I selected the Schlage App, then selected “Connect Z-Wave” and followed the prompts. The issue is that Homey wants to connect to the lock twice. However, the lock only pairs once. If you following the pairing process a second time on the lock, lock actually un-pairs from the z wave network.

On another attempt, I stopped the pairing process after the lock did the initial paring. Then I restarted the process so that during the first attempt the lock un-pairs and during the second attempt the lock pairs with Homey. This seemed to work… however, Homey then gave the message “could not find an installed app for this device. it has been added as 'Unknown Z-Wave Device”.

Is there away to have Homey only pair once with some devices?
Is there anyway to manually link the device to the proper App in Homey when Homey is not able to make this link?

I saw this behavior with my Schlage lock when I attempted to pair it - both the double-pairing and the end result ‘Unknown zwave device’. In my case, the app doesn’t include support for my particular model (~10 years old) because of its’ age.

Hi wsu-runner - Thank you for the update. I also logged an issue with the Schlage App developer. He also confirmed that only the current Z wave lock is supported. Currently he does not have plans to support older locks, but may do so in the future. My hope is that if more owners of older Schlage Z wave locks request support, he may re-consider.

Hi community, i am also a user of 6 „older“ type Schlage Zwave locks that have the same issue „unknown Zwave Device“ and would add myself to the list to get an updated app that supports the 600 Dollar investment without me purchasing new smart locks :slight_smile: Appreciate if someone can work on a solution so i can use my awesome homey hub pro 2023 to the fullest extend!!

Thanks all!!!

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