How to connect a 433,92 MHz button to homey (button is push for remote doorbell)

I have a remote doorbell (push button and receiver) which work with 433,92 MHz.
Can i get Homey to see the signal of the button and use it in a flow?
answers please on newbie level

Short answer (hopefully newbie-level enough :wink: ) : probably not.

Longer answer: Homey doesn’t support receiving and sending RF signals directly without a specific app. So unless you can find the brand and type of your remote doorbell in the Homey app store, there’s not a lot of chance that you can get it to work.

There are some workarounds, like try out other brand apps and hope that they use similar signals, or use an extra device like the Broadlink RM Pro Plus that does support learning signals from random devices and has Homey support.

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