Problems connecting Brel 433 MHz zip screens

Experiencing problems connecting a white label sunscreen remote. Found a related topic,but still can’t get it working. Already changed the RC from bi directional to the other option (and back) This gets the Brel app installed, but stops the RC controlling the screens. Someone posted that a Brel hub would be the solution, at least until 2024. Please advise.

This was posted yesterday. I tried it and it works perfect

Thanks Peter, This was the related topic I mentioned. Tried this several times, without results.

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Ah okay. Link to it next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:
It just worked right away on my Pro 2019, can’t tell what could go wrong…

In case the 433MHz implementation doesn’t work: Do you have any 433MHz stuff working on your Homey Pro?

Installed the right Brel app?