[Update Request] Sunway / Brel plugin for Homey

Hello all,

So the Sunway plugin: Sunway Raambekleding App voor Homey | Homey
has been working for a long time for all the shutter motors we have in our house that are being controller by BREL engines. The RTS remotes work fine however the app has not got any updates for a few years. I have sent an email to Sunway to ask for an update so hopefully they can update it.

I also saw a brel plugin: Brel App voor Homey | Homey
But that needs a separate Hub (Brel Hub) to function.

I was hoping the more people would vote for this the faster it might get an update.


I have the same concerns. I have 11 window coverings relying on Brel 433Mhz support. Neither the Brel 433Mhz app nor this Sunway app is compatible with the new Homey Pro 2023. For me that is a showstopper. I would love to buy the new Homey Pro, but without the ability to control my window coverings I cannot use it.

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I have the same problem.
I dont want the hub

Just contacted Brel to inform about the status. The answer is that they are already working on it and expect it to be ready in time for the new Homey Pro 2023.

That’s great news!

Yes, but still… I almost ordered the new Homey Pro this afternoon based on this info, but as this really is the most important app on my Homey, I decided that I want to see it to believe it first.

The (new) Brel app has a test version that - according to the change log - should support the 433Mhz motors. Haven’t tested it yet though.

Super! :grinning: Started testing it immediately and it works very well with Brell remotes. Thanks.

Yes, seems to work just fine. That gives me enough trust to order the new Homey Pro 2023 :slight_smile:

Does this app function without the hub? Direct connection HP2023->blinds?
The description on the app says that the hub is needed

If you install the test version /test it will yes :wink:

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Hi guys, I have 11 BLINDS Z9 Alu. Until January 2024 worked all good. But then, the very last update on Sunway broke all my flows (sunset, sunrise, or time-managed flows) as only up or down left, as they cancelled TILT options. All flows are dead. I have tested Brel and Brel Motors, but there is no option for TILT up/down. I thoroughly tested Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and it worked just fine (I.O. = two way communication). But I am not happy, as it is not reliable. Practically, I need only the TILT up or down function.

Can someone show me how to make TILT flow from Brel Motors? There are only SET STATE and TO PREFERRED POSITION options.

When I use solely Tilt up or Tilt down, it works fine, but there is no way to make use of those two commands any flows.