Sunway Window Covering not supported any more?

Hello guys. I was trying to get a BOFU blind motor to work but the app Sunway window covering thats supposed to work with it does not even find it and the instructions on adding a blind are wierd and confusing. I have tried to get in contact with BOFU support but they just reply that i should use this site for support:
And i figure that Homey crew does not support third party products.

And they havent even been active for more than 9 month according to the app store for homey.
Anyone got a clue how to get the blinds working?

Have not yet upgraded to 5.0. using a Homey Pro.

but you have made contact with Athom right? as they probably wrote code together with sunway, and if not they atleast can give you the right contact people.

Hi Emil. I also have some Bofu 433mhz motors I plan to add to Homey soon so I started to search for an app today to prepare…but found your review in the Sunway app…and now this post.
Did you also test the Brel motors app? I saw another post with a tip of that.

hello. the Brel motor app does not work. sadly.
i have not heard anything from them (sunway) so i guess that they just did it to get into the game and to advertise for it. they do not seem to support it anymore.

Hi. I had my Homey set up now and added my two Bofu EY16 433mhz motors to the Sunway app with sucess. Works perfectly.

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my just keeps searching for the blinds. no sign of adding them.

Do you have a remote connected to your motor and it works?
Then you “copy” the remote signal when adding the Bofu blinds to you Sunway app?
This is how I did it and it works perfect for weeks now.
I also created a “virtual motor” in the Group app so I can control two motors in sync.
All three motors (2 real and 1 virtual) is automatically added to my Google home and easy to control with Google assistant.

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yes. it seems as it does not register my blinds when i press the button.

Unbelievable that Sunway Benelux B.V. don’t care about the app! They completely ignoring at answering emails! No Dutch person who can drive over to the company and have a chat with them or call them? The only app to control Bofu curtains and no one with knowledge willing to develop a new app based on SDK 3?

If you experience issues please submit the issue at

Athom support does not receive any response from Sunway Benelux B.V. either! Athom Has nothing to do with the app according to their support!