Sunway Window Coverings [very last update 2.0.1 from 04.01.2024] stopped BREL BLINDS TILT functionality!

Hi guys. Until January 17th, 2024, my exterior aluminium windows “Z” blinds, controlled via Somfy roller shutter and application Sunway Window Coverings in HOMEY PRO wokred via dozens of flows. Now after the Sunway Window Coverings app update, there is no chance to use the “tilt” action up or down. Only very up (open position) or down (closed position). There is no option for setting the angle. I have tried, instead of Sunway Window Coverings, the “Brel Motors” application, which is working for up and down and can also be tilted, but the “Brel Motors” application cannot be integrated into flows. For instance: WHEN: Time is 7 a.m. > THEN Tilt Office Blinds Up. So this doesnt work.

Is there someone who experiences trouble with the Sunway Window Coverings tilting BREL BLINDS function, please? When tilt goes to the very end and doesn’t stop as it used to be.

While in “BREL MOTORS” app it is possible but cannot be created flow since in the flow the “TILT” function is missing

Please see difference on the pictures in section “THEN”

Thx, Marian

Hi Marian,

Same issue here. The preferred position does not work anymore from Homey using the Sunway app (have Brel tilt motors). Using the remote control and pressing the middle round button (also referred to as Stop) for 3 seconds they go to the preferred position.

I have logged an issue with Athom. Maybe you could also do that so that at least some people have informed them that since the last app update it does not work anymore.

And if you found a working solution then please let us know.

Best regards,

Thanks Ralph. I have also written to Athom Support, so I need to wait for their asnwer couple of weeks (they said).

IF no update on Sunway Windows Coversings, the two options for me / and perhaps others are:

  1. 1.800 EUR for my 11 windows blind units, including the remote (one and five channels), from Tahoma Somfy
  2. 680 EUR for 11 Fibaro Roller shutter to mount in serial to the existing RTS Brel/Somphy

Both can control angles and Tahoma is also IO, I think the Fibaro is only RTS (uncertain)

So the easiest way would be to just roll back the previous version of Sunway Windows Coverings, not the one that came up last week.

For the moment, I can only set the FLOW: IF the sunset occurs, then all windows will close to the 100% position (closed). There is no way to get any blind tilt-up when sunshine, as the FLOW: TILT, up or down are missing.

Btw, ATHOM developers have received my email and by return, they closed the ticket, saying that once the update is done, I can update this application

So that is it, folks. I park here.

Hi Marian,

I installed an older version of the Brel motors app Brel Motors App voor Homey | Homey

Then created a new device and it works again.

Maybe it also works for you.


Hi Ralph

What version of app is installed on your HOMEY? My is v1.2.1. It does up and down the blind, but doesn’t tilt. If you say older, where is the source please for download?

Thanks and cheers

…yep, sorry Ralph, I was too fast. Yes this app is currently installed on my iPhone and works okay for manual operation up/down and tilt, but I cannot make any flow except of WHEN: Sunset, … THEN: Blinds down in each room. Since it doesn’t tilt (no flow for TILT) hence I cannot make full automation .

I have not BREL Motors, Brel and Sunway Windows Covering. From these three apps none of them working properly. Last update on January 4th (on Sunway Windows Covering) broken my 24 Flows related to the Blinds.

Nevertheless I have ordered 6 FIBARO Roller Shutter 3 to test. Amazon offered me max 6pcs for 42 EUR si I will test few blinds with it. As I have tested one FIBARO in the past (3-4 yers ago) in my office windows, it worked well. It report % back to your app and also it is IO (two ways ZWAVE) not RTS (one way like Zigbee or RF)

If you like I let you know later after first trial :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a good days ahead

Clear. I have Brel motors (battery powered) in my Sunway venetian blinds. I will check your updates however I do not know if the fibaro items you ordered will work in my case. But I am always interested to get more control over the exact stops dor my blinds.

Fibaro roller shutter 3 works, it is IO (2-way!)

I will get in contact with them since the description of the device only mentions AC power. Glad it helped you out.