Brel shutters no flow card for open or closed / top or down?

I have used the Brel app to manually shut/close and open my blinds. That works fine with the 2 buttons “up” and “down”.
I am now trying to create flows to close the blinds automatically, but that seems not doable, there is only a flow card for “preferred position”.
Anyone have experience with this app and shutters? What am I doing wrong?

Dont u have status

Hi Dennis, what do you mean? I only see one card related to the blinds/shutters, see this picture:

It says “go to preferred position”. Nothing else to choose.

Show me how it looks when you actually sellect the brel engine when adding a card

I have

I removed the device and added it again, now I do have the options you mention. Very strange but glad it works now! The controls also look different now.

weird … but glad it worked out :+1:

I have 5 brel motors in 5 curtains … and is working like a charm with Homey