Add hold (favourite position) on Brel bi-directional


Maybe could some of you help me.

in my livingroom I have in the front 3x Brel mono-directional motors. By these motors I have create a flow by giving up 6x a stop commands on the Brel app. That the screens are lined out half way. Type of the screens are Multishades.
In the kitchen I have also 3x Multshades screens but these are bi-directional. The problem is, By using the Brel app, I don’t have the option hold/ stop. Only percentage of the screen. On the Motion Blinds app. I can add hold/ stop for example 6x. But this is not working. Have some of you a workaround how to do? Thanks in advance.

In front of my house I have 3x mono-directional Brel motors.
I have create a flow with a 6x command called stop. By this way my screens are going to a position in the middle as favourite. In the back of my house I have also 3x Brel motors, but these are bi-directional. The issue is, By the brel app I don’t have the stop option for create the same flow. But can do this by the app Motion Blinds. But unfortunaly it didn’t works. I can direct my screens to a x percentage. But the screens (multishade) are not lined-out well. Have some of you a solution how to make it works? Thanks in advance.

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