Brel, bi-directioneel

I would like to add a bi-directional device to the Brel app.
Other devices are working well.
How can I add a bi-directional Brel device to Homey?

I’m waiting for the same thing - there is no way to do it currently I believe

Wat do you mean with this? As far as I know a Brell motor can run two ways: Open/Close
this is bi-directional, so whats the problem?

Brel has a new productline which is called bi-directional or special.
This is a link to the product.–speciale-rolluik-motor.html

It does not connect to the current app.

OK, but Brel Nederland B.V. is the author of the Brel App, so contacting them could give you an answer.

The app within Homey tells me Athom, but app store Brel. :grin:
I will also contact Brel.

Did you contact Brel already? I have the same problem here now :cry:

Yes, I did. There was no planning available at that moment.
Maybe it will help if more users ask Brel for an update.

Oké, I just did the same at Brel. We will see

I got an answer from Brel. He says that they are negotiating with Athom about the update for this app. I will put a question also on slack for Athom. It would be very useful if it works also for the ble engines

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Great. Hope it will be updatet soon.

I asked Brel the same question. Their answer:

"It is not possible to control the new generation of bi-directional motors with the Homey Athom. You will then need to purchase the Brel-Home.

We have tried to make this possible with the Homey, but unfortunately the Homey is not suitable for communicating with our engines."

Strange that different people get different answers.

Could anyone from Athom shed some light on this issue. Brel is saying Homey is unable to communicate with the new Brel engines. Is that true?

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It sound not like Homey, can not connect to bi-directional brel. :wink:
Hope there will be a update soon.

Still waiting for the answer of homey. They are not really quick I must say with giving an answer to a issue that’s made. Indeed strange if brel if giving me a answer that’s complete opposite. This would mean that no update is possibile :thinking:

The question regarding the support of the bi-directional line of Brel has been open for several months. Is there an update on this?

The answer is No. Unfortunatly

I also requested adding the bi-directional motors a few days ago. At Athom and Brel, they are looking into it, for what it means…

Maybe if everyone sends a reminder on an update of the app to both parties, maybe it will get their attention

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If anyone has trouble adding Brel motors because they dont exist in the app can you e-mail Brel?

They say, how more people request adding the missing functionality the faster it goes

I’m trying to get somebody either at Athom or at Brel to come with some sollutions.

Athom says it is Brels problem we can’t do anything
Brel says the same vice versa.

Brel says it has something to do with the modulation of the signal, thats why it cannot communicatie with Homey. Athom needs to reprogram the chipset in order to receive the signals and Brel can add the bi-directional devices.

Athom says they are depending on Brel to make this work. Either way they rely on eachother but I don’t have the slightest idea theyre working on it.

if some of you still looking for integration of bi-directional motors now is the time to spam them both again, Brel and Athom. This way they will have more request and thuss this problem will climb up the ladder.

i recently bought a bi-directional motor.
and it does not work with my mono motors on the remote control DD2702H
i have to chance the mode 1 or 2 mono or bi.
I need 2 remote controls bi also does not work with homey.
I’m going to try if it works with Harmony .