Preference setting blinds Brel motor


I’m new in the world of Homey Pro 2023.
Question, I have some bi-directional motors from Brel. On the remote control (DD2702) I can push the favourite/ stop button, so the screen is going to the favourite setting of the screen. So far so good. In the app I have create a flow. This working also. But in the stop of the favourite there is a small difference in stop. I can chance the percentage numbers like 82%, 83%. But is there a way to chance it to 82,5%, 83,5% and so on. Thanks for thinking for a solution.

Did you found this topic?
Mayne there is more info.

Yes, I found this topic. But this gives me not the solution. But what I try to say. Everything works perfect. But I want made a small chance in position of the blinds. I have multishade blinds. And all of these blinds are not perfectly in line :grimacing: