Pair Dooya blinds

I’ve just installed Dooya motorized blinds and now trying to pair them to Homey.

I’m using 25LEU/S motors, with a DC1602H remote.

I’ve installed the Brel app and it says to push the up/down button on my remote to copy the signal. I don’t have an up/down button, and pressing various combinations of buttons doesn’t appear to do anything.

Ideas please?

My remote has separate up and down buttons. The graphic in Homey suggests a single button. See pictures:

My remote

From Homey pair screen

Hoping someone has a suggestion please?

Try pressing the centre pause button a few times? I’ve forgotten how I paired mine but I remember it was a beta app when the 3 button remote option was available…

Thanks for coming back to me

Just tried the centre button, lots of times, along with combinations of the up and down buttons

The version I have doesn’t have any mention of the 3 button remote, just looked in the app settings and nothing there

Maybe someone still has an old version lying around and I could manually install that one and try?

I have exactly the same setup.
Press the button as indicated below; make sure to be really close to the Homey when pressing the button. Make sure to pair the remote with the motor before pairing to homey. If the remote isn’t paired to the motor, Homey will send the exact same signal as the remote, but the motor isn’t reacting on this signal because it isn’t configured (yet).

-> Which “app setting” are you referring to?

Is this the new bi directional motor with the bidirectional remote? I understand the new one from dooya uses a rolling code which will require Brel to add that capability into the app…


Yes it is the bi directional remote and motor.

Thanks for letting me know the functionality isn’t there yet, I was going crazy pushing buttons and thinking I was doing it wrong

I’ll wait for an app update

Do you happen to have a reference of the motor?
Is it the one you use for curtains?

Using the Brel app for Dooya motors will work in some cases; but only if it is one of the motors Brel is importing. If you happen to have a drive that is not (or will not be) imported by Brel Motors, it will not work nor will they integrate this motor. They only have the app to support the motors they are selling and therefor they are not developing the app for motors we are buying directly from China…

The motor I’m using is 25LEU/S, tubular for roller blinds

The full Dooya model number is DM25LEU/S - details here on pg 56 of the Dooya 2019 catalog:

The Brel site has a link to manuals.

They mention MLE electronic DC radio motors with battery and USB - is this the same as my one? The picture is the same. Elsewhere on the site they refer to having bi directional capability.

Hello @CitizenxNZ
Did you find any solution to use your BIDI motor with Homey?
I have now the same issue than you had, I am not able to pair my remote with Brel App in Homey…

They released a new version of the Brel app a while ago and I was able to pair my hub to it.

I’ve since migrated to Home Assistant a couple of months ago and now no longer use Homey.

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