How to connect a Brel curtain motor?

I’m trying to connect my new Brel curtains to homey and it’s getting pretty frustrating. There’s no documentation, no logic and no instruction. On their website Brel just states it’s working with Homey by using their app. The app asks for pushing a button on the connected remote, but a don’t have one. The reason for that is that Homey is supposed to be the remote. Does anyone have a suggestion?

As far as I know you need to have a physical remote for making the Homey connection.

Sure looks like it. That is not what they told me… Very disappointed right now.

You would not happen to already have a “Trellis” remote for another 433Mhz device? Otherwise you could use that for the pairing.

Nope. But thanks for your reply.

Buy the cheapest remote, also handy when Homey refuses one day, to open your curtains.

The webshop where I bought it was kind enough to sent me a remote for free. Didn’t even ask for it to be free. Thanks Robbshop!

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