Control Brel motor with Somfy wall remote thru Homey


I have 7 roller curtains with Brel motors
I want to control them with Somfy Smoove wall remotes thru Homey, so I can control them from the remotes on the wall and with the homey app (flows)
Is this possible and how do I set this up?
I can’t pair the Somfy remote directly with the Brel motor…

If they are RTS remotes then it’s not possible to add them to Homey.

Homey’s 433Mhz radio listens on a frequency between 433.76MHz to 434.08MHz compared to RTS on 433.42Mhz.
To send data to RTS, Homey is able to shift the frequency during transmission and then puts it back at the end.

If you can add both the somfy remote and brel motors in Homey. And you can register the buttons on the somfy with a flow to control the Brel motors thats the only way I can think of.