Dooya / Brel blinds

Hoping someone can help me out with questions around Dooya roller blinds please:

  1. Does Homey receive the bi directional updates from the motors? Ie if a remote is used to open or close the blind then will Homey be updated to show this?

  2. Does the 433mhz signal travel OK through multiplayer multiple rooms? Ie I can leave Homey in one room and it can reach about 10m away?


Any thoughts please?

Brel and any other 433mhz communication is 1-way. Homey will not receive updates.
That said, it probably will work just fine.

I have 5 brel motors for years with homewizard. Worked good. Signal worked in 90% of the cases.

Now with homey it works PERFECT. Signal is much better/stronger and never had an issue or a flaw.

There is no 2 way communication but the brel app shows the status of the blinds (up / preset / down ).

Thank you both, that helps a lot