Brel sunblinds 433 Mhz prefered position SOLUTION

For the “remote controlled” Brel motors on the Homey '23 the prefered position tab wasn’t working.

Until now:
Create a simple flow:

“if this flow is started”

6x then change status in still `

Why 6 times :blush:

So I understand, you’ve additional information?

Please share with all of us.

:blush: No, it is really a question.
I wonder why 1 time, or 5 times doesn’t work, but 6 times does!

Try to understand, it’s simple and logical.
Repeating 1 to 5 times and it doesn’t work, 6 times or more does work.

I’ve tried it several times, how about you?

Or still no addition from your side. :blush:

Thanks, that was my curiosity. Why it only works after 6 times or more we’ll never know I guess.
I just have never seen this needed actions before, to get a device “to listen”.

Good tip, but unfortunately this does not work for me.

I’m quite disappointed in the apps developed by Brel. They had several different apps the last years; Brel (Brel App voor Homey | Homey), Brel Home (app site does not exist anymore), Brel Motors (Brel Motors App voor Homey | Homey). But none of them was able to steer my curtains to the preferred position. With one of them it sometimes worked by sending the stop command 2 or 3 times (with or without a second delay between them), but it was really unreliable. I even was in contact with their customer support, who where responding well but could not help me either.

Their latest app (Brel - Brel App voor Homey | Homey) finally has an official card to give the preferred position signal. But…. It doesn’t work. The only way I am able to steer the curtains to the preferred position is by using the remote and press the stop button for more than 3 seconds on the remote.

So if anyone has another idea how to fix it I would be happy to receive more tips!
I am using:
Brel hub: DD-7002B
Brel Roman Curtains (mono directional): MJE24D motors
Brel “normal” Curtains (mono directional)
Brel remote: DD-2700H
Homey Pro (2019) with Brel app

Is there an official topic for the Brel app? I only seem to find various specific topics and the website of the Brel app does not link to one support forum.

Dank je Undutchable. Maar helaas werkt dit niet bij mijn bi-directionele motoren. Wel bij mijn monodirectionele motoren.

Create a script with the repetitions you need to work well for me and be organized

There is a new version 1.3.1 where the author said that the preferred position is fixed.

However when installing it to homey, I am only getting 1.2.1

Any hint on how to download 1.3.1 or newer?

for test versions you need to add “Test” after the standard URL.

even this one is not working for “preferred possition” at least on my side. Did anyone manage to make it work?


Having an issue with this app? Contact the developer by sending an e-mail.

Good tip, thanks. Seems to work for me.

Next issue I run into is the unreliability of the execution of the mono-directional commands. The “open” signal seems to work more reliable than the “go to preferred position” signal. But let’s see if I can work around that by sending the same command a few (2 or 3) times with enough waiting time in between.

Hey, Thank you for thininking for a solution with me. Your right about sending the same command a few (2 or 3) times with enough waiting time in between. But how can I create this iin a flow? Can you suggest me?

You can add a delay to a card,for example of 60 seconds so the flow will pauze there before executing the card. Or, with advanced flows you can add a “wait” within the flow, which does the same.

Thanks for thinking for me. Maybe i’m a noob in this. But can you show me how this is looks like in an example advanced flow?:smiling_face:

@Raymond1269 after sending the AND card you place a card Wait (wacht) add the time you want and send the same AND card again by placing it behind the Wait card.

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@Mike1233 unfortunaly, It doesn’t work for me

Are other cards like up and down working?
I don’t have any Brel devices so I can not test it.