Sunway Window Coverings / Smartwings

Hi. I have imported Smartwings roller blinds from China with Zigbee. They show up as a device but can’t be controlled as it registers as an on/off device.

I have seen several threads showing Sunway app used to work with this unit but Sunway will not update it, it seems.

Any way to fix this or a hub needed - or time to change to an alternative to Homey?

Where have you seen that? Afaik Sunway is like RTS a RF 433Mhz protocol and isn’t Zigbee. Or am I looking at the wrong Sunway app?

Maybe time to learn coding a Homey app.
or return this Smartwings. What was the reason you choose the Smartwings above the currently supported devices in Homey Apps?

Did you have any luck getting these working? I have a pair of these blinds in my house and they’re great quality, but the only thing I haven’t been able to get working with Homey.

Following… I want to buy them, but am curious if you’ve got the latest, and if they work now. According to this page, they now at least have a version using Matter over Thread, and I thought Homey now has that all working (in beta…)?

Aha! Answered my own question. You have to buy the right motor… to get Matter over Thread. Which is, of course, painfully the most expensive option. But I think I’ll give it a go.

Let me know how it goes! The Zigbee does not work with Homey for sure. Automating it through my old Hubitat for now. Would love to know if the Matter one works!

It’s been confirmed by YouTube influencer @budssmarthome, that the Smartwings Matter motor does indeed work with Homey. If you contact Smartwings about upgrading to the Matter motor they should be able to get you a good deal.