The state of smart blinds systems: Sunway, Luxaflex, Somfy

I am setting up a new house in the following months and it’s time to think about smart curtains.

  1. My question with what system you have best experience as of 2020? Searching through the forums I’d discovered mentions of Sunway, Luxaflex, Somfy. Do they work will with Homey?

  2. Another question is the cost. I checked out Sunway in the past, but they are very good, but very expensive; one blind/window would cost me about 800 euros. Are Luxaflex any cheaper?

For sliding, vertical curtains Forest systems seem to have the best review, and I need only two of those.
I am not considering Ikea because their curtains are rather limited in colours and don’t look particularly attractive.

All I can offer is that Somfy RTS work with homey directly (no hub is required) and their Io products work with Homey via the Tahoma bridge.
The Somfy curtain track I have (I think they are the Irismo wirefree) are very quite and have the feature where you can tug the curtain to start it opening or closing. The disadvantage is there is no feedback on the status so if they are closed via another remote or a tug then Homey will not know about it.
The Somfy roller / venetian / roman blinds are quite noisy and also have the same feedback issue.
Their Io devices do have feed back but tend to be outside shutters and canopies.
I also have some ‘home made’ roller blinds using motors from Amazon and Qubino Z-Wave controllers. They are actually a bit quieter than the Somfy blinds plus they have two way communications so Homey knows if they have been operated via the attached switches (and are a lot cheaper).

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Hey Adrian,

Are those home made roller blinds from Amazon working with Homey or Google? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes. They use the Qubino ZWave modules which are supported by Homey.

then the roller blinds have be on 230V instead of a battery right?

The motors are 12v but I run them off a power supply. I did try running from a battery but the modules standby current drained them too quickly, even with a solar panel.