Somfy Electric curtains


I want to invest in Somfy electric curtain rails,

Does anybody have experience with this?

Do i need a Tahoma Box or is the motor with rails enough to let it connect with my Homey Pro?
In other words what do i have to buy to control my curtains in the Homey Flow.

Thanks in advance.

Kind of off topic, but if you do decide to buy them, would you mind letting us know if and how you like them?

I am also in the process of deciding on electric curtain rails. Have a few possibilities lined up.

  • Somfy
  • Forest
  • Goelst

But I have no clue which one I should pick.

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I just bought dooya rails and motors.
Works like a charm.

Somfy is not the cheapest way to automatic your curtains. Maybe it is the most expensive one.
I am looking now for a year or more a way to make my curtains smart. If I get a green light from my wife, I will go for the aqara b1 curtains motor.
This one can talk to homey whitout any bridge, and is a fraction off the price of a somfy.
If i look in the app store by homey, there is only a app witch let you talk with a bridge from somfy, so I think that if you go for somfy you have to buy a tahoma box. This makes it even more expensive.

My advice is, search in this forum for electric curtains or something like that, and you will find your answer on what type of motor you will need for homey.

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I’m using slide retrofitted to my existing rails and works like a charm. Install took less then an hour and no drilling required.
If you buy the dooya rails in combination with an aqara motor be sure to get the rails in long pieces, most Ali suppliers will cut it into 1m sections and provide you with a lot of rail couplings which are pretty visible (and ugly) :wink:

Thank you very much for the tip, that is an absurd amount cheaper…

I use Somfy curtains and blinds. The curtains are very quiet but the blinds are a bit noisy.
You can use the Somfy RTS app to control them directly, no bridge required. In fact the Tahoma app doesn’t support curtains or internal blinds.

As mentioned they are not the cheapest but I have no experience of other tracks to compare quality.

For roller blinds I have also adapted some of mine by using a motor from Amazon and a zwave controller which I think is better than Somfy as it has two way communication which Somfy doesn’t have.

So difficult…
Can’t make a choise, maybe Somfy is not a good choice if look at the price compared the Chinees stuff.
But I like quality, I don’t know if that is the case.