Sunscreen with solarmotor Dooya/ Faher/Brel

Hi homey boys, I am investigating the possibility to connect my solar sunsrceen to Homey Pro. Here is the data. The solar motor is made by Dooya for Faher and type FR35(45)LE/S and is operated by a Bidirectional Brel remote control type DD2700H 433Mhz. This combination works properly. if I want to link it to Homey I can choose between apps from Dooya and Brel, but none of them link to Homey. Does anyone have any experience with this or a solution that might help? Thanks in advance, Pete

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Solarmotor van Dooya, Faher, Brel - #3 by PietO )


Hiervoor kun je het beste de Brel Home DD-7002B erbij nemen. Zodoende kun je hem via de app installeren. zonder is het niet mogelijk volgens mij.