[APP][Pro] Broadlink App

Use Homey together with Broadlink devices.

Supported devices

  • A1 - Environment Sensor
  • RM3 mini
  • RM3 Mini Red Bean edition
  • RM Pro - IR
  • RM Pro Plus - IR + RF
  • RM4 Mini
  • RM4 Pro
  • SP1 - power socket switch
  • SP2 - power socket switch with nightlight and meter
  • SP3S - power socket switch with meter
  • MP1 - 4 way power socket switch

This app is based on the hard work of other people and created with help of ChatGPT.
Big shoot out to previous developer Remko :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Note on

!!! RM4 Pro !!! users could update/downgrade to 62092 version in case the Homey integration do not work - based on Reddit - Dive into anything - eg. there are comments that 62093 version broke the other integration for some users, it might be similar issue for some of you trying to add RM4 Pro

Please note this action might be potentially risky, so don’t hold me accountable.

Also do not forget, you must have device UNlocked (valid for RM4 xxx) !

Also if it still doesn’t work, it might help to reset your RMx device, add it to Broadlink app and then to Homey.

If you would like to appreciate the effort behind, feel free for use Contribute section on Broadlink | Homey

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Hi there!

Will you be supporting the Hysen floor thermostats as well?
It is currently recognised as a Hysen product by your app.

I know what to do to get a Hysen thermostat working, so adding it to the app is not the probloem. But as I do not own one, I have no way of testing if anything works. I can even not guarantee the app won’t crash if you try anything with the thermostat.

So, somewhere in spring this year, I am planning to add support for Hysen, and put the app in the app-store as ‘beta’. Once some people have confirmed it actually works, it can be made a ‘stable’ release.

Regards, Remko

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Please note: for Homey V2.0, you’ll need to install Broadlink app 2.0.1 which is currently available as ‘beta’.


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is there a short installation help somewhere for this. I have the RM3 Pro plus now but can’t figure out how to use it in Homey. Have installed 4 remotes but want to connect them now in Homey. Can anyone help me out here?

greetz Frans

Sorry guys just RTF :joy::joy::joy:
Once a RM3-Mini,RM-Pro or RM-ProPlus is paired, it can start learning commands. This is done by pressing the ‘learn’ button (for IR or RF) in the mobile card of the paired device. On the device, a LED will turn on indicating it is in learning mode, and you can press a button on a IR/RF Remote control. The command will be added to the device settings in Homey. In the device settings menu, you can give the command a more logical name, or delete it. Currently 20 to 30 commands are supported in the settings page of each device. It is not possible at this moment to change the order of the commands in the settings page

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Hi, thanks for your work! I have a question: how can I add Broadlink TC2 wall switch? Is it supported? If no, are you going to add it?

I can’t add Broadlink RM pro+ from Homey.
Please refer to the figure below.


I have the same issue with rm3 mini. I’m unable to add it…

Hi, I am not able to learn RF comands with 2.0.2 version

Learning RF commands with RM Pro Plus

Once the RM-Pro-plus device is installed in Homey, it can learn RF commands.
Note that the RF must operate on 433 MHz, as this is the only band the RM-Pro-plus can understand.
Check your RF remote/device if this is the case.

Homey will talk you through the learing process, so be somewhere close to it.
As learing can be rather tricky, it is highly advisable to have the RF-device you want to control
available also.

Learning is done as follows:

  1. make sure the volume of the speaker in Homey is set to a clearly audible level.
    => open the app
    -> more
    -> Settings
    -> Sound
    -> Volume (set to a level)

  2. Open the device page
    => open the app
    -> Devices
    -> RM Pro Plus (or the name you gave it)

  3. Get hold of your RF-remote

  4. Press the ‘Learn RF button’

  5. Homey will tell you to continuously press the button on your remote.
    So, press the button, and keep it pressed.

  6. Homey will then tell you to press the button repeatedly.
    So, press the button, release it, press it, release it (but not too fast).

    As it is important that the RM-Pro-plus understands the button presses,
    it is best you verify you are pressing the button at the correct speed.
    You can do this as follows:

    • switch on the device you want to control with your RF-remote
    • press the button on the RF-remote, and observe your device responding to it.
    • release the button.
    • keep on repeating the press/release steps.
    • your device should respond to each button press.
  7. Homey will tell you to stop pressing the button.
    The RM-Pro-plus now has learned the command.

You can now repeat the learning process for another button, or you can give
the command just learned a meaningfull name

  1. Give the command a meaningfull name
    -> Settings (the icon top-right on your screen)
    -> Advanced Settings

    a. Rename the command (tap on the name, edit it, save it)
    b. Remove the command (tap on the name, clear the name, save it)

Using learned commands

Both InfraRed and RF commands can now be used in an identical way.
All commands the RM-Pro-plus has learned, are available only in flows.
When creating a flow, you can use the command (or any command) as a trigger
to start the flow.
In the ‘then’ part, you can select your RM-Pro-plus device, and select the
command from the list of available commands.

If you like to use a button to send a command, you can create a Virtual Device,
which will trigger a flow (as described above).

Hi, could you please add support of broadlink tc2 (tc2-1, tc2-2, tc2-3) wall switches? It should not be so time expensive… I guess.

According to the Broadlink website http://www.ibroadlink.com/tc2/, these devices are controlled using a RM Pro plus device. So they are not accessible via Wifi, but only via 433MHz.
In order to use those devices in Homey, you’ll have to get a RM Pro plus device (30-40 euro).

Hi, thanks for the response, actually, I think Homey has 433 module, doesn’t it? Fortunately, I have RM Pro plus, but I am not able to add TC2 wall switches via Homey Broadlink app, because here is no tc2 in devices list… what I am doing wrong?

In my broadlink app i do see those switches

Edit, you wrote homey broadlink app.:kissing_closed_eyes:

I have add a Broadlink RM pro+.
My Broadlink APP have two IR button.
But,I can’t find any button at Homey APP.

Please refer to the figure below.

Please help,
Many thanks.

Could you please share that app?

That’s ihc for EU app you can find it in the playstore

I can’t learn IR code on the Homey APP.

it’s funny, and how have you connected that with homey?

I wrote “In my broadlink app i do see those switches”. Never said i connected one :wink:

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