[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Ledring was updated to SDK 3 and seems like it works on Homey 2023? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Martijn for the nice first development together!

Screensavers from the LED collection can now we set through a flowcard in the Controller.
No need to do anything on the Satellites.



I have created a flowcard to play files on the Satellite, directly from the Micro Web Server app.
It lets you select a file and play it on Homeys (Satellites).
This way you can control the files on the Controller while playing it on the Satellite(s).

Also, it allows for files larger then 900Kb to be played. :slight_smile:

Play File




This currently works already, but i get the file lists through the FTP client, which means the Ftp Server from the Micro Web Server needs to be active while editing flows (autostart is available in MWS).
(The url that is used in the background is to the HTTP source, so the flows will work when ftp is down, just not the editing).

You can set the Ftp Port in the App Settings. Default is 5081 as is default by the Micro Web Server.

It’s on BitBucket: QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.homeshcontroller — Bitbucket

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Impressive again. Would it be possible to command f.i. Broadlink app on a satellite directly?

Well i always like to say: anything is possible. But, maybe best to first explain what you mean, because i don’t use or know that app :wink:

:crazy_face: true that!
I was just curious because of this Q (and peeps not sure about app getting updated):

Link to the Broadlink app

It’s aimed to the RM pro+ device, which can learn and send IR + RF signals.

Well, it can work through flows (all apps/flows can be remotely triggered).
But if it needs direct interaction, i need to duplicate or create certain flowcards.

Can you show me a example of an flowcard or action that you would want to be able to control from the Controller?

I don’t have it installed, but it works like this
One can learn a signal and save it with a description (name).
The ‘Then’ card is the interesting one
It can send the learned signal by passing it’s ‘name’

How does that work?

Because, as far as i can see, the name is a textfield.
So, you could use the text-argument from the homesh-start-flow to make it dynamic.

So starting can be done directly (after setting up a flow one-time), but how does it learn it?

Puls: It’s SDK2. ASK2 wil not be able to be downloaded after 1-1-2023 (only restored when loading a backup).
So if you reset the White Balls after 1-1-'23, how wil you install this app?

One can’t fresh install SDk2 apps after 1-1-2023 from the appstore as we know, but one can via CLI or community store, if available ofc. For official “app store only” apps, the only way is to install the interesting ones prior to 1-1-2023, backup, and keep that backup ‘forever’.

Here’s the source, here’s the community store version
and here’s the howto description:

"Once a Broadlink RM is connected, it can start learning commands.
This is done by pressing the ‘learn’ button (for IR or RF) in the mobile card of the paired device.
On the device, a LED will turn on indicating it is in learning mode, and you can press a button on
a IR/RF Remote control.
The command will be added to the device settings in Homey. In the device settings menu, you can
give the command a more logical name, or delete it by clearing its name.
Currently 20 to 30 commands are supported in the settings page of each device.
It is not possible at this moment to change the order of the commands in the settings page.

** Using learned commands**

InfraRed commands can now be used in an identical way.
All commands the RM has learned, are available only in flows.
When creating a flow, you can use the command (or any command) as a trigger
to start the flow.
In the ‘then’ part, you can select your RM device, and select the
command from the list of available commands."

Best easy broadlink app to youse. I use the community Store app because it supports the Rm4 mini. You can read 30 different Ir and it will overwrite when it is full. You can give the signal a name and use it in flows. very handy and good app.

Starting to wonder if this topic get’s more likes (currently 99) or the Petition for Status Indicator which now has 93 likes!

Lets see how it goes!

Perfect idee.

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Homesh Controller and Homesh Satellite have just been pushed to review for the Athom store.

Let’s hope @Emile /Athom pushes it through as soon as they can :slight_smile:


They are Live:


Congrats with another major milestone, Arie! :partying_face: :tada:

A little question, if I’m right, the controller app can only be installed on the 2023 Pro? To be able to control 201x Pro’s? The picture “says so”, but I can’t find out from the accompanying text.

Great graphics btw @johan_bendz

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No, you can control any Homey from Any Homey.

Now, ofc, certain things of the Satellite App will not work on the 2023.
Those functions, like LED and Sound, i need to filter out still, but i’ll do that when the 2023 is here.

But, Both the Controller and Satellites can be any Homey Pro’s.

A WhiteBall could be the Controller starting a flow on the BlackPuck Satellite!

It can even be the same device (don’t know why you would do that, besides testing tho).

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Thanks for eleborating this, Arie. I would add these possibilities to the accompanying text in the store, or am I just too stupid to get it? :rofl:

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Done, it’s live.


Hmmm, just bought the new Homey because my old one is blow up​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::weary: