Mi.Light app

Is there any news on the update of the Mi.Light app? A lot of my lighting is controlled by this app and it will stop me from upgrading to HP if the app is not udpdated.

It won’t be updated sadly. Athom has pulled the plug on that app. Won’t even be upgraded to SDKv3

When you don´t sell your white ball:
You can use the Homesh app set, then you’ll be able to keep Mi.Light running on the white ball as it is now, BUT you can control it using the Pro 2023.

Another thing you can do is actively look for a new developer/maintainer for the Mi.Light app.

I assume Athom would be so kind to transfer the app instead of just leave it be.

N.B. what is the homey.app store URL of the Mi.Light app?
Can’t find it.

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It seems to be removed from the Homey app store, but I have this url for you:

Ah I see.
It’s odd the developer in the store is Marco den Otter, but the source code developer is Robin Bol (Athom bv).

One can fork that repository, and upgrade the app to SDK3 and then CLI install the app.