Miboxer Bridge Milight

Dear Homey Users,

Iam trying to add the Miboxer Wifi bridge for controlling the milight with the Homey.
The Wifi box is not yet supported by the Milight Athom App. i already contacted Miboxer and Athom. My qeustion is, Can evryone who has this issue also create a support call by Athom. When more people complaining about this the update/development will be quicker.

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Ik volg, idem probleem.

Moet toch iemand met een pasklare oplossing zijn?

Hi Frederik,

Nice, can you also make a support call by homey. unfortunately theres no other solution than a update by Athom on the Milight app. or Buying Phillips hue that is supoorted. But thats a lot more expensive than the milight.

Hi, more than a year and nothing changed. I am so pissed. Ive bought homey pro because of excellent AD promised that homey work with mi-light .. not even close ... ive got wl-box1 doesnt work .. so it should work with an older version of milight bridge .. mistake .. even with ibox1 or ibox2 the blinking cube wont work … nothing work at all. Where is the problem ?

Check out this one

Hi Maurits,
thank you for the link. Ive red your article. Its nice, unfortunately I have 10+ zones, so nearly impossible to do it. But I will take off all mi-boxer controllers with no pain and replace them with working ones with a few requests: 24V, >10A and RGB+CCT control.
Hope someday … because with sonoff and shelly works homey pretty good.

Yeah I have one zone so usb device solved my issue. But too bad the app isn’t being updated to run with the WLbox1.

I’ve been mailing for so long to athom but no priority. The Mi-Light lights are perfect and have great colors