Finally connected Mi-Boxer lights to Homey! (WL-BOX1)

After months of waiting for Athom updating the Mi-Light app for the WL-BOX1…

I found an alternative solution for connecting my garden lights (2.4ghz) to Homey via ZigBee.

The Gledopto ZigBee RF Bridge USB finally solves my issue I had a long time!

The device will connect as a Unknown device but it still detects all the options to select color etc for RGBCCT lights. The WL-BOX1 is not necessary the lights are linked directly to this module.

Important note: This device is 1 zone only. So if you have more zones or you want independent control then you need more usb-sticks.

I bought it at a dutch webshop but I think its on Alie as well.